Squid Proxy, and Adzapper in Windows

Browsing website on the internet with high speed data access is a separate pleasure for some people including me. To open a site with no waiting time to load the page of a website is always a dream. But sometimes we’re getting bad-mood if we face a situation where the website that we would like to open are taking too long to load, because it have to wait each elements on the website to download to our computer. Images, swift files and any other elements.

A web page made up-over elements such as images, text, swift files, and others. When we want to open a web page, elements are downloaded to our computer and placed in the temporary folder of the browser we use. We can enjoy a web page perfectly after all the elements that make up the page is finished to download.

We may have a habit to visit the same website every day, especially right now, the social community era, facebook, twitter, myspace, we visit these websites just to make status, commenting a status and other activities. The same images, swift files, will be downloaded every time we visit those websites. This is actually a routine that we can make a strategy about.
Proxy is a tool that we can use to create a strategy for this routine. The proxy has the ability to store images taken from a website that we have accessed before, so the browser no longer need to download the same images from its origin. Proxies are smart enough to recognize the latest content from a website that we access, so proxy will download the latest content and storing it into a place commonly called cache.
Advertising, sometimes we are very disturbed by the ads that float on a websites that we might not want to see it, and the ads usually created using the large size of images. We also can use a proxy to block ads from a website. In addition, the proxy can also be used to block sites.

On a computer network in a company, proxies are necessary nowadays, at least use to save bandwidth and to limit the access to few websites that considered can make the employees forget about work.
The computer network administrators usually install a proxy in linux machine, and for those of you who want to install a proxy on the linux machine, please look for it on Google, there’s a lot of articles around proxy and linux machine. This time we will try to install a proxy into Windows. OK, let’s live it.

Installing Squid Proxy

1.    Download squid proxy from this link http://squid.acmeconsulting.it/download/squid-2.6.STABLE23-bin.zip.
2.    Then extract it on to C:\
3.    And then rename the squid.conf.default file on the etc folder  to squid.conf
4.    Add this line http_access allow localhost exactly under the line http_access allow localnet
5.    Then open the windows console and got to C:\Squid\sbin\, and the type:   squid.exe  -z command just like picture below:

6.    And then run squid as a windows service by typing this command on the console: squid.exe -i. And then check if the squid are installed as a window service like picture below:

7.    And then start the Squid Service.

The next step is configuring the browser in order to use the squid as web proxy, the steps are:
1.    On firefox, simply click tools and then click option, there have to be a option window appear, and in the Advanced menu, click network tab and then click setting button just like the picture below:

2.    And the on the Connection Setting window that appear after the setting button clicked, modify the connection setting just like this picture:

3.    And then browse just like we usually do, for the first time the browsing activity will look like usual,  because the squid proxy will store the contents of the web onto the cache, and later then the browser will fetch the static content from the squid cache.

Installing Adzap
To block the advertisement on the web, we need a squid plug in, which is adzapper. The problem is adzapper is a perl script that only can be execute by using perl environment. So definitely we need to install perl on our windows system. I choose Strawberry Perl as a perl platform to be installed on my windows machine. Strawberry perl can be fetch for download from this url http://strawberry-perl.googlecode.com/files/strawberry-perl-
After finished download the strawberry perl, then please install the strawberry pearl on your own windows machine. I have installed Strawberry Perl on C:\Web\ on my windows machine. Please pay an attention that all setting of adzapper must match to the location of your Perl installation.
And the next step is download the adzapper script from this URL: http://adzapper.sourceforge.net/scripts/squid_redirect, open the link on your browser, and after all the text/script is appeared, save the script to the C:\squid\etc\ folder and name it as squid-redirect.pl.
And the next step is configuring this adzapper plug in into the squid the we have installed before. Open the squid.conf file, this file is located on C:\Squid\etc\ folder and then add this line on the end of row of the file

redirect_program C:/Web/strawberry/perl/bin/perl.exe c:/squid/etc/squid_redirect.pl

Please make an attention that my perl installation located on C:\Web\ folder, please adjust the setting to the path of your own perl installation.
And after that, restart the proxy squid by using a window service just like the picture before, or maybe by using the command line by typing squid.exe –k reconfigure. And we have finished the adzapper script installation on squid. Now it’s time to check that the adzapper is working properly or not. Open the browser and then open the web site that you knew it have full of ads. The adzapper will block the ads juts like this picture below, and if it does, then the adzapper is working properly.

Actually there are a lot of things that we can do with squid and adzap to fill up our needs about the web-caching problems, please visit the official site of squid on http://squid-cache.org and adzapper http://adzapper.sourceforge.net/ to have a guide to maximize the both function.


I Hope this will helpfull



Installing Squid Proxy

3 thoughts on “Squid Proxy, and Adzapper in Windows

  1. Thanks for the write up. How much memory will strawberry perl use on windows? I have squid and install and want to try out adzapper to get rid of ads but we also need to install strawberry perl. This machine is my personal computer is not a server. I don’t want to eat up my ram for just adzapper script file.

  2. Ok. I thought I could get this to work on my windows 7 machine but whenever I input this line in my squid.conf and it points to my exact dir, the squid service shut off after i restart it.
    ‘redirect_program C:/Web/strawberry/perl/bin/perl.exe c:/squid/etc/squid_redirect.pl’

    Was there something I did wrong?

  3. I don’t know for sure, but in my experience, it will cost very low size of memory, but it will cost large size of hard drive when squid start to cache all of visited web. The solution is create a scheduler to flush the cache of squid.
    Thanks for visiting and very sorry for late reply..

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